Download line scores and standings for each session of the Pacific-Asia Curling Championships 2012.

Live Scores and line scores for each game can also be viewed on the Live Scoring page:


   25-11 Men Medal GamesPDF127Kb   
   25-11 Women Medal GamesPDF126Kb   
   24-11 Women Session 13PDF119Kb   
   24-11 Men Session 9PDF125Kb   
   24-11 Women Session 12PDF124Kb   
   24-11 Men Session 8PDF125Kb   
   23-11 Women Session 11PDF119Kb   
   23-11 Women Session 10PDF127Kb   
   23-11 Men Session 7PDF127Kb   
   22-11 Women Session 9PDF128Kb   
   22-11 Men Session 6PDF128Kb   
   22-11 Women Session 8PDF127Kb   
   21-11 Women Session 7PDF127Kb   
   21-11 Men Session 5PDF127Kb   
   21-11 Women Session 6PDF127Kb   
   20-11 Men Session 4PDF128Kb   
   20-11 Women Session 5PDF126Kb   
   20-11 Men Session 3PDF128Kb   
   19-11 Women Session 4PDF128Kb   
   19-11 Men Session 2PDF128Kb   
   19-11 Women Session 3PDF128Kb   
   18-11 Women Session 2PDF125Kb   
   18-11 Men Session 1PDF126Kb   
   18-11 Women Session 1PDF125Kb   
Some files may require programs or viewers to open or view the download: Acrobat Reader

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